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IoT Box by Odoo

A review by Marc Cassuto, CEO of Arche TI

IoT Box by Odoo


Our CEO has tested the new Odoo device and here is what he thought about it.

Montreal, February 20th 2019

Installation & configuration: genius!

First of all, the configuration: sooo simple! (see the procedure here).

In particular, on a Wifi network, the IoT Box starts as an access point where the only page you access automatically is the IoT Box configuration! Genius !

Once the box is linked to the server, the connected devices are automatically recognized and can be used in quality control points.

Tests with devices: some reserves

USB devices work very well. We tried with two different cameras and a barcode scanner; no configuration required it worked perfectly. However I would have been interested in testing it with a more complex device like a USB printer; the IoT Box configuration page does not come with that kind of setting.

With Bluetooth devices it was completely different; we ran into multiple issues. First of all, none of our devices (caliper, barcode scanner and keyboard) have been recognized automatically by the box and accessible to Odoo; we then started a long journey through command line bluetooth configurations: device unpairable, device paired but not connected, device connected but does not provide any data... then, as the box restarts, the devices are not connected anymore and we have to SSH the box again...

There is no way an average end-user will be able to have his BT devices accessible to Odoo.

Conclusion: still a great idea

The overall feeling is good. Obviously there is a huge room for improvement, however, the idea is really great.

Basically, Odoo SA just provided us a bridge between Odoo and our production floor. Here some ideas:

* get the machines production KPI to manage preventive maintenance

* stock management with RFID portals

* work orders completion from CNC machines

* live dashboards from machine sensor


We dreamt of it, Odoo did it!