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Odoo Custom Module Development

While standard Odoo is extremely powerful, occasionally complex integrations are needed.

Here are some highlights of the complex integrations and modules that Arche TI's experienced developers have built.

Variable Dimension Product Configurator

We built a formula-based variable attribute product configurator that allowed a promotional products company to quickly create their custom products.  This eliminated the need to create over 2 million products that would have been needed to cover all attribute variations.

Odoo image et bloc de texte

Canada Post Delivery Method Custom Integration

A high-volume client required that Canada Post be used as a shipping method.  Arche TI built a seamless integration into Odoo using the Canada Post API featuring the 2 label sizes, manifest management and packaging optimization.

RFID Security & Manufacturing Module

We built a custom module that integrated the Employee,Timesheet & Manufacturing modules with the clients physical access and manufacturing systems, allowing for seamless access and work order management.

Odoo image et bloc de texte
Odoo image et bloc de texte

Bambora Payment Gateway

Integrated Odoo with Bambora as an additional payment gateway.  Extending the list of existing payment gateways that Odoo offers. This modules allows storing credit card numbers for use in the website and in Odoo backend.

Bi-Directional EFT Gateway for North America

Arche TI built a custom integration allowing customers to both receive and send batch payments integrating their Odoo instance with their bank accounts, eliminating manual processing for payments and customer receipts. 

Odoo image et bloc de texte
Odoo image et bloc de texte

Purchase Requirements Planning Module

Integrating Sales, Purchases and Forecasting into a comprehensive planning module allowing our client to gain enhanced purchasing visibility, better lead time overview and resultant inventory reduction.