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Industry 4.0 


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Industry 4.0: What is it?

Industry 4.0 is a concept which is used to describe a new way to organise production means. It is the meeting point of the virtual world, digital conception, management and products and objects of the real world.

Why is it so important for the manufacturing world to take that digital turn?

In Canada, 4 out of 5 SME’s are still out of the digital wagon. In the near future, these companies with a low (or no) digital maturity will most probably become obsolete. Traditional sectors such as Manufacturing and Construction are experiencing the biggest digital gap. They are way behind other sectors. 

Companies with a high digital maturity are more likely to have had a higher growth in their sales in the past 3 years. There is a very tight correlation between digital maturity, yield and profit! *

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How Arche TI can help you:

“Way to often, what we see is that companies invest in digital technology but without exactly knowing how and what they will benefit from it. That’s why it is important to have a strategy.”*

And that’s where Arche TI can help you! We are there for you at every step:

  • Start analysis / a thorough analysis of your needs

  • Establishment of a complete digital transition strategy

  • Integration and implementation of a management platform that perfectly suits the needs of the company

  • Coaching 

  • Change management

  • Deployment of digital tools all the way to operating centers and machines with specific tools such as the IoT Box or the Timetracker

Our multidisciplinary team is your key partner in your digital transformation and we also take pride in respecting your constraints and limitations. Contact us!

In Quebec: the digital economy action plan

Quebec Government investment 

In total, Quebec’s government is investing over 200 millions dollars over 5 years in fiscal and budgetary measures.

It means 28 specific measures under 5 priority intervention axis:

Axis 1: Stimulate innovations through technologies and data

Axis 2 – Accelerate the transformation of companies and the adoption of e-commerce

Axis 3: Reinforce the position of CIT as a world leader

Axis 4: Acquire the necessary digital competencies

Axis 5: Make sure that the business environment is attractive and favorable to the digital transformation

In Quebec

C'est au Québec que la transition est la plus rapide, puisque 26% des PME affichent un profil plus numérique, ce qui est attribuable à une plus grande sensibilisation de la part des gouvernements et milieux d'affaires.

The Business Development Bank of Canada

The Business Development Bank of Canada has decided to allocate an additional $ 250 million to help SMEs accelerate their investments in intangible assets such as technology, intellectual property and research and development.