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Our values Arche TI

At Arche TI, values are the cornerstone of our organization, they are a key element of our relationship with our employees, customers and suppliers. We are committed to developing a strong corporate culture that is recognized by all, and on which all our employees can rely.

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First of all, Arche TI is the pleasure of working as a team in an environment that encourages leadership from everyone, in a pleasant atmosphere and environment. The pleasure is accompanied by a sense of accomplishment when our clients see concrete improvements in their business reality thanks to the integration achieved by our team.


No secret, the success of Arche TI is directly related to the expertise of the team members and their propensity to deliver quality solutions. At Arche TI, we cultivate excellence; training and continuous improvement are encouraged in order to remain a leader in our field.

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Respect and consideration

Create a harmonious work environment, in which everyone can evolve according to their personality, strengths and weaknesses. At Arche TI, one of our core non-negotiable values is respect in daily interactions. We guarantee an impeccable relationship between our employees, customers, partners ans suppliers.


Mutual commitment

Commitment drives us to surpass ourselves every day to find the best solutions, inspires open & healthy leadership and guides the company’s relationships with its entire network. This value is also reflected in the training of employees, enabling the company to motivate its employees and create a dynamic of convergence between all its stakeholders.


That is why Arche TI has been an active member of OCA - Odoo Community Association since the beginning.  

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