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Integrated applications, systems that interact

Have you ever wondered how much time and money you can lose simply because of a lack of interaction between systems?  How many mistakes are caused just because the same data has to be entered twice or three times in different places. Now imagine a solution where all the systems are connected: accountability, sales, purchase, inventory, marketing, CRM, HR, e-commerce, etc… 

We help you to integrate fluidity into your reality.

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Your needs grow as your business grows

Just started your business? Why spend a fortune on a complex ERP solution that is far too large for your needs? At Arche TI, we understand that young companies need an ERP that is just as large but perfectly adapted to their reality.

As your business grows, so will your needs (and budget). At Arche TI, we will help you adapt your ERP solution to your changing needs and demands by adding the applications you need exactly when you need them...

Pay per Use

Unlike most traditional systems, we are able to integrate Odoo’s solutions, module by module according to your needs. Do not pay for modules you do not use. 

At Arche TI we listen and always put your interests and priorities first. No forced sales here!

Odoo image et bloc de texte
Texte Odoo et bloc d'image

Manage your business efficiently

No matter the size of your business, we all have the same stake: a global understanding and a transverse vision of our activities to optimize them.With Odoo and the help of Arche TI, it’s within reach in a few months only.



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